Articles written in February, 2015

February 23 2015

MoreVisibility & Google Bring Advanced Tactics for AdWords and SEO Workshop to Ft. Lauderdale March 4, 2015


You already know the value of a well-executed online marketing campaign. You also know that a successful campaign varies from business to business and goal to goal. But, how do you define what is successful so that you can replicate and build upon that success? Analytics!Read More

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February 20 2015

Using GA’s “Trash Can” to Recover Your Old Data


Have you ever had this problem? You have saved settings in Google Analytics and then… they’re gone. They didn’t disappear and Google (likely) hasn’t done anything nefarious with them, but they’re gone all the same. (Face it: It was probably a user-error.) Now, thanks to the Google Analytics “Trash Can” you can clear away unwanted or old data without deleting it forever.Read More

February 9 2015

Tracking Social Media Marketing Efforts in Google Analytics


One of the issues that social media marketers have is showing how their efforts contribute to the bottom line. Luckily, there is an easy way to tell how your overall social media marketing efforts contribute to conversions by using Google Analytics.Read More

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