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April 14 2017

What is Google Optimize?


Google Optimize is a simple, easy to use testing and personalization platform. Google has worked diligently to bring powerful AB and MVT testing tools to the market for both small businesses and large enterprises.

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July 14 2015

Which Type of Optimization Test Should I Run?


Ecommerce managers and agencies are always looking for the quick win during testing. But, if a test is poorly constructed, it can become a costly lesson of what “not” to do. By knowing which tests to use, you can avoid problems like low confidence in your findings. You can also ensure that you are testing your experience thoroughly by examining which elements work together, and which are catastrophic to the user experience.Read More

June 24 2015

5 Important Questions to Ask About Website Testing


Website testing can be a daunting task. While it is important to find the platform that’s right for your business and to carve out some time for designers and engineers to create the tests – interpretation of the experimental data can cause its own sorts of pain. To help new testing specialists cope, we have developed short list of some of the most important bullet-points to keep top of mind as you begin and run an effective test.Read More

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