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March 12 2014

GA 101: Getting Started in Google Analytics


Know you should be using Google Analytics but just not sure how to get started? You’re not alone. Many webmasters understand the value of Google Analytics but simply don’t know how to even set it up. So in this post, we’re walking you though the step-by-step process of creating an account, placing your tracking code and implementing Universal Analytics.Read More

March 4 2014

Seeing Different Data in Google Analytics and AdWords? Here’s Why


So your data in Google Analytics (GA) does not match exactly what you see in Google AdWords. Don’t fret, you’re not alone and you probably have not done anything wrong.

This so called “discrepancy” is a common cause of concern for many marketers. You look in your trusty GA reports and see X visits and Y conversions and AdWords shows Z clicks and Y+10 conversions. So which is correct and which data set do you use? They are both correct and you use them both.

Use both? They’re both correct? Yes! Let’s take a moment to explain two fundamental differences between the GA and AdWords tracking:Read More

February 11 2014

Creating Content Groupings in Google Analytics


The content grouping functionality in Google Analytics allows you to organize the content of your website into logical groups so that you can understand how different categories of content work together, as well as which categories are the most popular among your visitors.

Once created, content groups become a dimension available in content or custom reports that will allow you to visualize your data based on each group. For example, a car dealer might be interested in knowing whether cars or SUV’s are more popular; and out of those, which make and model is the most popular.

Read More

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