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GA Certified PartnerOur web analytics blog provides a space for us to educate our clients and visitors about how they can use analytics to gain insight into user behavior. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Tag Manager Certified Partner, our team is highly versed in Google's products, but our knowledge isn't limited to just those! On this blog, our analytics experts share a diverse variety of tips, tricks and techniques for a wide range of analytics platforms, as well as explore big picture concepts for tracking and measuring online success, and answering some of the questions commonly asked by clients and team members. To stay up to date on everything our analytics blog has to offer, subscribe to our feed.

June 3 2016

Upgrading to Google’s Universal Analytics? 3 Things You Need to Know


By now you know that deploying Google Analytics tracking code (GATC) on your site is vital in obtaining insight into user acquisition & behavior, measuring campaign performance, and understanding conversion attribution. But do you know that by deploying the Universal Analytics version of the GATC you’re able to take advantage of more features and obtain better insight? Following are the top 3 questions we receive regarding upgrading to Universal Analytics.Read More

May 25 2016

How to Stop Obsessing and Learn to Love Your Bounce Rate


Bounce rate is one of the first metrics analysts and marketers use to measure engagement. It’s particularly good at measuring the “stickiness” of content, because it identifies the percentage of users that leave after one interaction. In theory, the lower the bounce rate, the better the landing page content.

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May 23 2016

Tracking Your Website’s Exit Links via Google Tag Manager


Once properly installed on your website, Google Analytics (GA) can provide some pretty incredible insights without any additional configuration or setup. Identifying where the traffic to your site originates, how long users stay on your site, what content is most popular. All of these questions can be answered with just the basic Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) installation, pretty cool. But what happens when your thirst for data grows more intense? When you want to know more about your website traffic. Often times this requires additional set up around your analytics coding to track those further engagements.

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