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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a rapidly changing field rife with opportunities, but it takes expertise and experience to run optimal interactive advertising campaigns. When engaging in digital advertising, such as paid search, display media, social media advertising and remarketing, it's extremely important that your efforts are backed by knowledge and strategy. Here, our SEM experts provide the tips and information you can use to improve your campaigns, and your ROI. To stay up to date on our search engine marketing blog, subscribe to our feed.

Parental Status Targeting Now Available in Google AdWords



Late last week, Google rolled out “parental status” targeting to its AdWords advertising platform, allowing advertisers to reach users who are likely to be parents with children across the Google Display Network.
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Are Your Landing Pages Hurting Your Campaigns?



We are all busy these days, but are we so busy that we should drive traffic to landing pages that will definitely not convert?  Take a step back before launching a new campaign and put yourself in the shoes of the user.  Imagine the disappointment a user might experience when he or she is highly motivated to make a purchase only to be taken to an unorganized, ugly, or confusing landing page.

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Coming in May: An Opportunity to Learn Advanced Tactics for AdWords & Analytics with Google and MoreVisibility



Want to learn the latest advanced tactics for Google AdWords and Analytics? Get an insider’s perspective, and learn straight from the experts, with our intensive Google workshop, Advanced Tactics for AdWords & Analytics, Thursday, May 1 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

During this workshop, key members of our own SEM and Analytics teams will be working alongside representatives from Google to teach advanced tactics to help you gain an edge in Google AdWords and Analytics.

Topics include:

  • Advanced tactics for Enhanced Campaigns
  • Tracking improvements through Google Analytics
  • Strategies to effectively leverage the Google Display Network
  • Advanced targeting features to better define audiences

As a Google AdWords Partner and a Google Analytics Certified Partner, we have long worked alongside Google in order to provide in-depth training for our team. With this workshop, we are taking that expertise on the road to provide the South Florida community with invaluable information they can use to improve their Google AdWords campaigns and Analytics tracking.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best digital marketers in the business today. Space at the workshop is limited. To register, click here.