Articles written in August, 2007

August 29 2007

Controversy of Bidding on Competitor Names


The law states that in order to charge another with trademark infringement, the infringer has to have used the trademark in a way that has caused consumer confusion about the identity of the advertiser and has to have been used “in commerce”.  When a trademark is used as a keyword to trigger an internet advertisement, the question that arises is whether this is a use “in commerce”.

Google will allow companies to bid on their competitors’ trademarked terms as long as the trademarked names do not appear in the text of the ads.  Yahoo does not allow competitors’ to place ads on trademarked names.

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August 28 2007

Facebook Gets Personal


Social Media sites have been on Search Marketers’ radar for quite some time now. Initially, they were seen as an opportunity to increase visibility, reinforce branding, acquire links, etc. Now, with Facebook leading the way, they’re evolving to include targeted ads that are based on the interests of their users, as expressed through individual profiles and networks.

In a nutshell, Facebook is looking to capitalize on the fact that they have naturally collected a wealth of information about what their users are interested in. Each time a user blogs about something or joins a new group, they’re providing Facebook with another bit of information that will allow the site to place more targeted ads in front of them. So far Facebook has declined to comment on whether they’re developing this ad system internally or utilizing an existing platform.

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August 23 2007

Pay Per Call and SEM


Don’t have a website, but still want to take advantage of internet marketing? Or, do your customers prefer to call you to check product availability and to place orders, rather than do so over the internet? Pay-per-call is a blended mix of Search Engine Marketing and traditional telephone communication that can be very effective for companies that don’t have a website or whose product/service lends itself more to phone communication and ordering.

Why pay-per-call? Currently, close to 14 million small to midsize businesses don’t have a website. Pay-per-call solves the problem for them. It is especially great for local businesses since the ads can be geo-targeted. Pay-per-call is ideal too for those businesses that sell products or services that require a personal touch in order to overcome objections to close a sale.

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