Articles written in October, 2014

October 23 2014

Enhance the Power of Your Email Marketing Campaigns with This One Trick


It’s digital marketing 101. When you want to reach customers who have already purchased from you, you send an email. When you want to reach new customers, you advertise.

But, what if you could enhance the power of your email marketing campaigns by using your email database to target your customers in social media?

Thanks to custom audience targeting (available in both Facebook and Twitter), you can.

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October 21 2014

Use AdWords ‘Similar Audiences’ to Find New and Qualified Consumers


Google AdWords “Similar Audiences” is an efficient and cost effective way to find new qualified consumers who share the same interests as your existing remarketing audience. If you think about it, this makes perfect sense: your remarketing list is made of users who visited your website, are familiar with your brand and products, and (generally) have the characteristics of your ideal customer.

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October 8 2014

Local Search: Strategies for Driving Foot Traffic


The digital ad ecosystem offers a slew of opportunities for local businesses to find, target, and connect with local customers. And, because the goal is driving foot traffic – not web traffic – you don’t even need a website to take advantage of most of these opportunities.

Following are some of the best local search strategies to take advantage of now, whether you have a website or not.
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