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December 7 2011

Find out What Part of Your AdWords Ad is Being Clicked


So you’ve added Sitelinks to your AdWords campaigns, along with Mobile click-to-call and Location or Product Extensions — what next? You can now gauge performance of these add-ons by running a new report called Click Type. In your AdWords account, under the ‘Campaigns’ tab you will see ‘Segment’, and then click ‘Click type’.

Find out What Part of Your AdWords Ad is Being Clicked

The Click Type report allows you to measure the performance of each click type you’re using. It shows you how your visitors are interacting with your ads. Did they click on the headline, a Sitelink or a different part of your ad?

Underneath the regular campaign performance data, you will see additional lines for each extension that is implemented in your campaigns. In the example below, you can see how the Headline is performing in comparison to the Sitelinks, Mobile clicks-to-call or Get Direction links. In addition, it is helpful to see where the bulk of your conversions are coming from.

Find out What Part of Your AdWords Ad is Being Clicked

It would be beneficial to see how the different click types are performing throughout your campaigns and if certain click types perform well for your business, you may want to consider adding them to other campaigns throughout your account. You can also compare click types by ad group or keyword.

November 29 2011

Spotted: Google AdWords Mega Ad Sitelinks Experiment


Google AdWords has been rolling out new ways for advertisers to use Ad Extensions — from its recent launch of Social Extensions from Google+, to tried and true Sitelinks that give advertisers more innovative ways to link to their website from their AdWords ads.

Most recently, I have seen ads that Google is calling a “Mega Ad Sitelinks Experiment”. It looks like there are three ads, but all three ads are tied to one advertiser:

Google AdWords Mega Ad Sitelinks Experiment

Google says that Mega Ad Sitelinks is currently in beta and will only appear when there is only one top ad. Google adds that it is happening to current ads that have Sitelinks already implemented and is predicted to increase click-through rate (CTR).

The Mega Ad Sitelinks ad takes up a majority of real estate on the search engine results page (SERP) and also gives searchers more detailed and specific links. In the example above, the top ad includes information on generic jeep parts, whereas the bottom two ads include ad copy that is specific to jeep softtops and tire carriers for jeeps.

Google AdWords currently also offers the following Sitelinks options: Location, Call and Product Extensions. For more information on AdWords Sitelinks, visit the AdWords Help Center.

November 15 2011

Link Your Google+ Page to Your AdWords Campaigns to Create Social Extensions


Google just released Google+ Pages, a new way for businesses to get closer to their customers online. As of November 9th, Google has started to roll out the ability to link your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns, so that all your +1s — from your Page, your website, ads and search results — get tallied together and appear as a single total. This functionality is now available with a new AdWords featured called Social Extensions.

When you enable Social Extensions in your AdWords campaigns, the 40+ million Google+ users as well as Google searchers will be able to see all recommendations your business has received, whether they are looking at an ad, a search result or your Google+ page. To enable Social Extensions in your AdWords campaigns, click the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab in your account and select Social Extensions from the drop down menu and choose new extension.

Without Social Extensions, your AdWords ads only show +1’s from people within the visitor’s Google+ network who have +1’d the landing page of the ad. By implementing Social Extensions, your ads will be connected to all of your brand’s +1’s, which makes it more likely that someone who sees your ad will have a friend or contact who has recommended it.

Google believes that Social Extensions has the potential to improve overall ad performance because recommendations from friends and family impact purchasing decisions. That being said, Google has added a new reporting segment to help better understand the impact that social annotations are having on your AdWords campaigns and ads. This reporting is also available in the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab of your account.

To learn more on Social Extensions, visit the AdWords Help Center.

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