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June 3 2009

Online Incentives Are a Necessity


It should come as no surprise that our struggling economy is a focal point for everyone. Almost all of my clients have expressed in one way or another how challenging their online business has become from many standpoints, specifically in terms of ROI. In an effort to combat these difficult times, advertising budgets are being stretched thin and cutbacks are occurring.
At the same time, much to our delight, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) continues to be one of the most cost effective and quickest ways for online retailers to get their message across. In fact, many clients have told me they have had to decrease (in some cases cease completely) their television, radio and print efforts, due to the increasingly high cost to advertise on these platforms. 
That being said, every click counts to retailers, while consumers want to get as much as they can for their hard earned money. I personally feel that when an incentive is offered, the result is two-fold. It shows compassion for consumers who are battling through this tough economic climate. It also makes prospective shoppers feel they are getting a bigger and better value and will be more apt to take out their credit card. So what are the best incentives to get prospective shoppers and qualified leads to your website? Here are just a few tips…

  1. Offer free shipping whenever possible. If free shipping is not an option, perhaps offer a shipping upgrade at no additional cost.
  2. Provide a free gift with purchase. This can be something small and relatively inexpensive. This is also a great branding opportunity for you. Examples: shirts, pens, notepads, etc. with your company name printed.
  3. Offer a discount; even 5 or 10%, as every little bit helps.
  4. Extend a customer loyalty discount for repeat customers, or a coupon code that provides a discount on a future purchases.
  5. Be sure to have competitive pricing. Online shoppers are smart and they will search around now more than ever before for the best deal. If your pricing is favorable, you will more than likely get the sale. If possible, offer a low price guarantee.
  6. Provide free samples with orders; shoppers love samples!
  7. Extend a free trial of your service.
  8. Give a free whitepaper and/or newsletter when searchers register on your site. This is a great way to build your database and remarket in the future.

I recommend testing any of the above tips and then track your progress to see which incentives work best for you and your business. Good luck!

March 23 2009

Every Click Counts


When it comes to online marketing, generating visitors to your website is critical, however, long gone are the days when just getting a click to your website was enough. It’s not even close to sufficient anymore. With the current state of the economy, money is harder to come by than most of us have ever experienced (and hopefully will ever experience) in our lifetime. All marketers are being held accountable for where and how their advertising dollars are being spent. Therefore, the click you just paid for better be worth something!

So what did the click result in? Perhaps a whitepaper download? A brochure request? Maybe an inquiry about your product and service? Or, at best (in an ecommerce situation) an actual sale? If every click resulted in one or more of the above, online marketers would be elated. Unfortunately in some cases, it can take a whole lot of expensive clicks to generate a single “conversion”. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a conversion? In a nutshell, a conversion equates to a favorable result that occurs when the desired action item on your site takes place.

Today, more than ever, measuring your online performance is no longer a luxury, it is an absolute necessity. Employing an analytics tool on your site to track your online advertising is the only way you will gain the knowledge to manage an effective online marketing initiative. MoreVisibility utilizes Google Analytics (GA) to track the performance of our clients’ online marketing initiatives. We were recently recognized and selected to be a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant (GAAC) and are quite proud of this honor. Google has only chosen a small number of agencies to hold this title:

Our clients continue expressing an interest in learning more about GA and we have been assisting them for several years. Whether it is to code their site with the necessary java script, review their GA reports, walk them through the dashboard and interface, etc, we are here. Basically, if you have a website, you really should be tracking what’s happening on it. Where are your visitors coming from? How long are they staying once they get there? How many pages are they viewing? The list goes on and on. Money is precious and if you are being given the ability to measure and track your online performance, why wouldn’t you???

February 17 2009

Your “Contact Us” page better be good!


What does that really mean? In other words, how could a Contact Us page actually be bad?  For starters, if you do not have a separate page clearly found in your navigation titled “Contact Us”, you ought to. Basically, contacting you should be the easiest thing for your visitors to do. Look at it this way…if you have a top notch site, but your visitor has difficulty reaching out to you to either pose a question, get more information, etc. you will most likely lose credibility and/or a potential lead or sale. You should think of this page as one of the most important on your site. Here are a few staples every Contact Us page should have…

– Besides offering the option to click on your Contact Us Page from the home page, it should be visible in the entire site navigation. Your visitors should have the opportunity to visit the Contact Us Page from every page on your site.
– Offer a variety of ways for visitors to reach you. Just a few to mention…

  1. Email, which can be multiple addresses based on the purpose of the inquiry. Some examples include:,,, and
  2. Phone and Fax (both toll free when possible)
  3. Online Forms
  4. Live Chat
  5. Map, Directions and Hours of Operation

On MoreVisibility’s Contact Us page, we offer a variety of ways to reach us, as well as clear cut action items for our visitors to take once they are there: Newsletter Sign-Up Option, Free Search Engine Visibility Report, Latest Blog Posts, as well as a Google Custom Search Feature. In addition, we have implemented an Add This Feature, which is a Social Bookmark & Feed Feeder Button. Please click here to view our Contact Us page.

Once again, the basic goal of your Contact Us Page???  To ensure that “getting in contact with you” is the absolute simplest thing for visitors to do!


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