Enhance Your AdWords Performance with Mobile-Only Search Campaigns

Mobile-only search campaigns can drive stronger performance and generally see higher click through rates than traditional laptop and desktop campaigns.  Having mobile-only campaigns also allows you to have greater control over budgets, bids, keywords, and ad creative.

Setting up a “mobile only” campaign is easy; here are 3 simple steps.

  1. Duplicate / copy an existing search targeted campaign.
  2. Within the Campaign settings for Networks and devices, select only “iPhones and other mobile devices with full internet browsers”.
  3. Update this setting on your other search campaign to “Desktop and laptop computers”

You can even choose to target specific mobile devices (i.e. iPad only or Android only) as well as specific mobile carriers.  These preferences are found by expanding the ‘Advanced device and carrier options’.

Why keep mobile campaigns separate from desktop / laptop campaigns?  Many options are set at the Campaign level in Google AdWords (i.e. daily budget, day parting, geo-location targeting).  By breaking out your current search campaigns into mobile targeted and desktop / laptop targeted campaigns you will also make it easier to analyze performance as well as enjoy more granular reporting options.

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