Find out What Part of Your AdWords Ad is Being Clicked

So you’ve added Sitelinks to your AdWords campaigns, along with Mobile click-to-call and Location or Product Extensions — what next? You can now gauge performance of these add-ons by running a new report called Click Type. In your AdWords account, under the ‘Campaigns’ tab you will see ‘Segment’, and then click ‘Click type’.

The Click Type report allows you to measure the performance of each click type you’re using. It shows you how your visitors are interacting with your ads. Did they click on the headline, a Sitelink or a different part of your ad?

Underneath the regular campaign performance data, you will see additional lines for each extension that is implemented in your campaigns. In the example below, you can see how the Headline is performing in comparison to the Sitelinks, Mobile clicks-to-call or Get Direction links. In addition, it is helpful to see where the bulk of your conversions are coming from.

It would be beneficial to see how the different click types are performing throughout your campaigns and if certain click types perform well for your business, you may want to consider adding them to other campaigns throughout your account. You can also compare click types by ad group or keyword.

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