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September 6 2007

Link Building Do’s and Don’ts


In many cases, we as SEO engineers know how to evaluate a potential link or directory to get the maximum benefit for a website. Many of these sites are broken up into very specific sub-categories. Sites such as DMOZ, the Yahoo Directory, Go Guides and many others are called authority sites. They have been on the web for many years, some from as early as 1997. With the age of the site, the search engines have found that these are not fly by night Spammer sites that just want to host Google AdSense to make money. A lot of directories are human edited so not every site will get in on the first attempt. These are the sites that are worth going after in your linking efforts. They are the kinds of sites we recommend people submit their sites to.

At first glance, a directory or link site may not look like much, but if you dig a little deeper, you can probably find a category that will fit every business type. The key to submitting to these types of sites is finding the most relevant category for your company. And, remember, even if there is a category that is similar but not exact, it is worth submitting to.

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September 5 2007

Blog Writing – Conversational vs. Formal Tones


As the benefit of blogs becomes more apparent within the SEO industry, writing styles and tones are increasingly discussed throughout the community. There are a variety of writing styles to be found, depending on the blog’s purpose and topic.

One of the most common writing styles present in this new generation of blogs is the ad-sy blog. But, blogs are not the appropriate outlet for new product announcements, 50% off sales, or the available promotions of a company. Instead, blogs can be used to highlight the intriguing uses or features of a type of product. Composing a blog about a unique use for one of your products and then asking for other ideas is a great way to encourage reader participation and engagement.

Another popular writing style for blogs is formal and packed with useful information. While these blogs are usually chock full of great tidbits and could serve as valuable resources, their presentation (large blocks of text) leaves the audience disinclined to read, let alone comment. While such blogs might contain a plethora of information that could generate massive amounts of inbound links to the site, the fact remains that blogs must be easily readable for such information to be discovered.

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August 24 2007

Seven words of text can be worth a picture


Everybody knows that a picture can be worth a thousand words but did you know that, on the web, seven words can be worth a picture? In a great article on A List Apart this month, Amber Simmons writes about the importance of good writing to the design of a website.

One thing that struck me was her remarks about the use of text in the alt attribute of images. Accessibility guidelines state that every visible image on your site should have text in the alt attribute. For search optimization, we recommend that the alt attribute text should include the key phrase being targeted for the page but this isn’t just about SEO. After all, the image should reflect the page theme just like the key phrase. Otherwise, why is the image on the page?

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