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April 20 2011

Facebook transcends yet again with Gamestop


One of the world’s biggest video game stores with over 6,500 stores is Gamestop. It launched a Facebook site last week in hopes to provide “social business” to millions of  Facebook fans.  Gamestop will rely on reviews, product videos, store finders, ratings, as well as “likes “and” shares.” This might be a beginning of a new age that will take advantage of Facebook’s social presence.  Gamestop fans will now be able to purchase products directly through Facebook.    A lot of people do not view Facebook as a business objective, but it is likely that this will change in the future.  Social media could have a a huge impact on dot-coms and traditional brick and mortar stores.    Gamestop will also let fans earn and redeem points when making purchases on Facebook with its Powerup Rewards loyalty program.  They will allow fans to chat about upcoming games and new releases, with the option to buy directly from the Mcafee secured storefront.   Video Games are a billion dollar business, and by Gamestop joining forces with Facebook, that number is likely to increase.   If this trend continues, imagine how many companies can incorporate Facebook integration and grow their business.  This just shows that Facebook continues to be a dominant force, and is not going away anytime soon.

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March 31 2011

Facebook Questions


When you update your status on Facebook, what do you normally post?  A thought of the day? What you are up to?  Ask for a restaurant recommendation, or something else along those lines?

Many people (as you may realize if you are a Facebooker) use their status to ask questions to their fans to get thoughts, feedback, and opinions. As a result, Facebook has introduced a new feature called Questions.  Facebook Questions are intended to make asking and receiving responses to questions a much easier process.

When you log into your Facebook account, you will now see this addition next to where you update your status, post photos, share links, and so on.  Below is how it will appear when viewing a Facebook page you admin.

What’s unique about Facebook Questions is how much greater your reach can become.  For example, if you post a question to your Page or Profile using a regular status update, your question will be visible to your friends via their News Feed.  They can then reply to your question with a comment, or Like what you asked.  When asking a question using the new Question feature, your friends can respond, but also your friends’ friends will have the opportunity to participate and answer the question as well.  While other non-fans / non-friends can respond, your friends’ responses are going to be shown first, as those are likely to be more relevant or meaningful to you.

So how can this apply to businesses?  Not only are Questions available for Profiles, but they are also available for Company Pages.  Do you want to start a new product or service, or modify one you currently have? Reaching out to those who are already fans of your company to ask for their input could be tremendously valuable (and cost effective!).  When people start responding to your question, they can agree with an existing answer or add a different response.

The next time you are thinking about surveying your customers, try the new Questions feature in Facebook. You may find that the responses are all that you need to move forward with a decision.

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March 18 2011

Sponsored Stories – Facebook Using Your Content for Ads


Facebook has been a great marketing tool for quite some time through their Company Pages as well as through their advertising. Now, there is a new advertising opportunity called Sponsored Stories.  A Sponsored Story is essentially an action taken by a Facebook user that a company has promoted or sponsored.  These types of actions can include Page likes, interaction with apps, check-ins, posts to pages, etc. These stories will show up on the right hand side when logged into Facebook.  An example of a Sponsored Story is below.

One importing thing to note is that the Sponsored Stories will follow your privacy settings. This means that you will only see Sponsored Stories containing content that would normally show up in your News Feed; content posted by your friends.  In addition, a Sponsored Story that features your content will never be shown to someone who’s not a friend. The idea behind this is that when your connections are interacting with a page, checking in to a location or using an app, it’s likely that you may want to do the same or will discover new actions that your friends are taking. Another point that is important to note is that you can’t avoid being sponsored in a story. You also can’t opt out of seeing Sponsored Stories.

From the advertiser’s perspective, you are not able to control the messaging; it’s a matter of what people post in their News Feed, and whether or not you as an advertiser choose to promote that type of content. Sponsored Stories are, however, a great way to leverage and promote the viral marketing that Facebook already offers.  While Sponsored Stories will only be shown to you when one of your friends is featured in them, they help to better expose actions in News Feeds (Page likes, interactions with apps, etc). This provides more visibility for these types of actions, which would typically become buried in a News Feed over time.

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