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January 20 2010

Social Media Site Blippy


Have you ever bought an item and made a tweet about it or placed it under your Facebook status? If you have and you like sharing your current shopping trends, there is a social media site available which provides that opportunity for you.

Blippy allows visitors to view its users current shopping expenses, encouraging visitors to buy something that a user from Blippy has bought. In a way this site is advertising the companies and products where users have recently bought their items. This site can also help study the shopping trends of people and help companies in many ways by providing information regarding the purchases made at their store and other stores.  Even though this site has only started providing this service since December, its goal is to continue to expand by creating a mobile version in the future, as well as creating an API to allow its data to be shown in other applications.

Blippy also brings a very interesting topic to mind, and that is how much personal information people are willing to share on the Internet. This can be in some cases a reason for people to stay away from the site since it contains sensitive information, but it also provides them the ability to view other user’s trends/expenses.

It would be very interesting to see this site considered in the future on Google product search results, as it provides current information regarding shopping trends, similarly to how Google results are being affected by Twitter and Facebook.



November 16 2009

Google Introduces Social Search


People on the web publish content in many different ways that include using Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social channels. But if you have ever searched on Google to find a blog your friend published, you most likely wouldn’t find it in the top search results. Google is changing all of that by introducing Google Social Search on Google Labs.

Google Social Search is designed to help you find more relevant public content from your social network in one place. In Social Search, Google will find personalized results from your friends or contacts and highlight them at the bottom of your search page.

No private information will be seen, as Google will only show information that is published publicly on the web. All the information in Social Search can be found elsewhere, however Google is putting all of the content together in a single place to make your results more relevant and personalized.

Google builds a social circle of your friends, connections and contacts using the links from your public Google profile, such as people you are following on Twitter or other social media channels. This new feature will also use your connections from Gmail; however you will need to be signed into your Google account because the results are specific to you. Your social search results will show up at the bottom of the page under “Results from people in your social circle.”

Social Search will make search results more relevant and personalized for you specifically. Next time you do a search on Google, be sure to see what your social network has published about the topic.

October 7 2009

Myspace Syncs with Twitter


Most of us don’t have the time to update one of our social media profiles, let alone all of them. Myspace has recently implemented a two-way syndicated function between Myspace status updates and Twitter tweets to assist in making multiple social media updates easier.

This application works both ways. It updates whichever social media profile status update or tweet that is the most current. So if you’re on either Myspace or Twitter, you have the option of dual updates. Users can decide if they want status updates to be one-way or two-way.

When users post a status update on MySpace, it syndicates to their Twitter feed. Twitter will show “MySpace” as the service the tweet originated from, similar to its display of TweetDeck, Twitterfeed, and other services that allow users to update their streams away from the site.

So far, MySpace’s Twitter sync is in beta. Myspace said that they will be adding other networks soon. For now, you can try out the Twitter sync in your MySpace profile by inputting your Twitter credentials under the “sync” menu in account settings. Once the accounts have been synced, all you have to do is simply update your status on MySpace as you normally would (from the Home page, Status and Mood page, or your mobile phone).

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