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March 24 2016

Instagram, the Popular Image-Sharing Platform, Adds Algorithm-Based Personalized Feed


Instagram recently announced that they will be introducing an algorithm to the platform. The fast-growing photo sharing app has quickly surpassed 400 million monthly average users. However, the company claims that the average user misses up to 70% of the content shared by those they follow.

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February 16 2016

How MoreVisibility Can Keep Your Creative, Creative


Creativity is one of the greatest assets a company can utilize for a competitive advantage, and some of the greatest ideas may come from people outside of your creative team. As the Manager of Design and Development at MoreVisibility, I’ve learned that the keys to growth and innovation are collaboration and communication. For innovative projects and ideas, it’s useful to source people outside of your company’s creative department. Here are some ways we keep the ideas flowing to keep your creative, creative:Read More

January 20 2016

Maximize Your Corporate LinkedIn Account


Most people are familiar with LinkedIn when it comes to managing their personal profiles, looking for jobs, and keeping in touch with past colleagues in their professional networks. While LinkedIn is a great tool for individuals, the opportunities within it for B2B marketing are numerous and exceptionally effective. Here are a few organic (non-paid advertising) considerations for maximizing your company’s LinkedIn Page. Read More

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