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March 18 2015

Employee Brand Advocates: Harnessing Employee Enthusiasm to Bolster Your Brand From the Inside Out


When you think about brand advocacy, your repeat, faithful customers who are vocal about their loyalty, probably come to mind.

But have you considered that you may be sharing a coffee machine with some of your biggest, most loyal fans? You know, the ones who live and work with your brand forty-plus hours a week, and have your logo printed across their pay check.

That’s right – many of your employees probably share your enthusiasm for what your company does and what it stands for. It’s probably what attracted them to work for your organization in the first place.   Read More

February 23 2015

Social Media Tracking Metrics: What Should I Be Tracking?


It’s often said that the true value of social media marketing cannot be qualified in dollars and cents. While this is true to an extent, it can be frustrating for marketers and other social media evangelists to “prove” the viability of a company’s social media marketing efforts when “value” cannot be quantified.

Fortunately, you can track the value of your social media marketing efforts so long as you know what to look at. Before you begin, though, it’s important to understand your goal. Specifically, what do you want social media marketing to do for you?

In this post, we look at five of the primary goals of social media marketing, and the metrics you should be monitoring for each of these goals.Read More

February 17 2015

Marketing on Instagram: Building a Following Through Strategy & Authenticity


Instagram – the hugely popular photo-sharing network – is a boon for selfie-obsessed shareaholics. But it can be perplexing for marketers, who see Instagram’s huge numbers and want to get a piece of the action – if only they could figure out how. The challenge is that Instagram’s users are savvier than others. Many of them are early-adopters who are awash in advertisements and are totally over ads disguised as social content. So, how’s a marketer to adapt? Through two seemingly unrelated concepts – strategy and authenticity. In this post, we’ll share some tips for using Instagram for marketing.Read More

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