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April 14 2017

Is Live Streaming Important for A Company’s Social Media?


Live streaming can be seen all over current social media platforms. Just recently Instagram and Facebook began allowing users to create live videos that stream on their platforms. Users can watch their friends, family, mentors and people of interest online live and interact with them in real-time. This revolutionizes the way that account holders interact with followers and creates a back and forth dialogue in real time that has never been seen before. The questions we have now is simple. Can businesses benefit from streaming video in real time on social media? How and why would companies find streaming videos important?

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April 12 2017

Is Influencer Marketing a Good Fit for Your Business?


The enormous popularity of social media has opened the door for more people to gain an audience of followers and fans around the world. With this shift, it is now possible for marketers to sift through these social channels and find people with large followings that could be a good fit to advertise their business or service. Thus, influencer marketing was born, allowing independent bloggers, models, musicians, business leaders and more earn extra income by using their following and exposing them to a new brand or new service they would like. There is big money in influencer marketing, paying some of social media’s most popular people upwards of $75,000 per Instagram post! While that may initially sound insane, the power of social influence and influencer reach is very strong and probably in most cases is not completely measured accurately. Let’s take a look at some potential benefits influencer marketing could have on your business and why it can be difficult to measure.

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April 10 2017

Facebook Adds Stories to Your Mobile App


If you predicted that Facebook would eventually adopt “stories” to their platform you were correct – and that prediction felt inevitable. Following suit with Instagram who released stories to their platform in 2016 – Facebook has updated their mobile application to now allow users the ability to post pictures and videos in a separate feed for their followers to view.

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