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August 9 2012

Making the Most of Your Website Traffic


So you’re doing a great job with SEO; you’re building backlinks, optimizing your pages, and keeping an eye out for duplicate content. And it’s working – last month you had more traffic than ever before. And that’s great! The question is – what are you doing with that traffic?

Every person who comes to your site has the potential to be your newest fan, and even your next contributor. All you have to do is ask.

Encourage Users to Write On-Site Reviews

On-site reviews help your business in two ways. First, they’re an easy way to add unique content to your site. Second, and more importantly, positive reviews can encourage customers to buy.

How do you encourage users to write reviews? Ask them. Send a brief email shortly after they will have received their product or service; something like: Love your new widget? Write a review. Or, use a third-party review service like Reevoo.

Encourage Your Users to Stay in Touch

Your business should have a profile on all of the major social media platforms. Most people on social media have their preference. Some swear by Google+, others are Twitter fanatics, and some use Facebook like it’s going out of style. So don’t pick and choose – be wherever your customers are.

Once you have your profiles set up, add social media plugins to your blog or website and keep them front and center. And while you’re at it, make sure that users know that they can subscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter.

And if you don’t have a newsletter, why not? A newsletter is a great way to stay in front of your customers – keeping them up-to-date on your latest and greatest content, newest offerings and industry news.

And Once You Have Those Followers…

Use them! Update your channels regularly with fresh, engaging content. And, when a fan reaches out to you via social media, respond! Even if it’s just to say, “Hey thanks @John! So glad you’re happy with your widget!”

August 3 2012

6 Ways to Repackage Evergreen Content for Cross-Chanel Use


The number of social media channels available to us today can be daunting. It’s easy to feel as if your time and resources are spread thin when you try to reach every audience on every platform. While it’s important to be where your audience is, it’s also important not to overwhelm your resources.

Luckily, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you approach a new channel. You can repackage your existing evergreen content (content that is always relevant) for use across the channels. Here are six ways to do just that.

  1. Turn a blog post into a deck for Slideshare. Take the central ideas from the existing blog post and create a PowerPoint presentation, breaking the post down into bite-sized pieces. Just make sure you’re not ripping the article verbatim – fresh, unique language is a must for SEO.
  2. Use images that illustrate the ideas in your blog post and turn them into a slideshow video on YouTube. Simply build the “video” in PowerPoint and then convert the PowerPoint presentation to an .mp4 file.
  3. Create an abbreviated version of the original post for use on Tumblr. You can even link back to the original post to gain additional traffic for your site.
  4. Create a lens in Squidoo using pieces of information from the original blog post. As with Slideshare, it’s important to repackage the ideas from the original post in a way that uses unique language, and that suits the audience and the channel.
  5. Use the images from your blog post to create pins on Pinterest.
  6. Create a Google Alert for the central idea in your blog post. Then, when something you’ve already written about makes news, post a quick update on your blog, linking back to the original post. You can then post the new information on Twitter, linking back to the new – brief – blog post.

Notice that the operative word here is “create.” While this work is time consuming, it is simple – because you already did the majority of the work, fleshing out a new idea for use on your blog.

It’s also important to note that these kinds of repackaging techniques should be used sparingly. You would never want to appear redundant or stale. So don’t do everything all of the time. Do some things, some of the time, where it is appropriate for your topic, audience and channel.

July 31 2012

Foursquare Includes Advertising Options


When you think of social networks with local impact, think Foursquare.   In a previous post we outlined a marketing strategy for local businesses to participate in this mobile centric based social network.   The popularity of Foursquare boasts an active user base of over 20 million, and has been making updates recently to the app’s design and functionality.  Foursquare just announced it launched an advertising program allowing businesses to create promoted updates for local marketing campaigns.  These promoted updates will be seen based on a store’s location, Foursquare specials, and a personalized algorithm created especially for the functionality of the Explore tab in a recent release.  In Foursquare’s blog they describe it as, “The [promotion] update can be a money-saving special, an update on a new fashion line, or a photo of their [the businesses] latest dish.”  In the screenshot below, you’ll see examples of how these offers appear in the Explore tab.

Members of Foursquare will notice these promoted updates will be personalized recommendations based on criteria like:

  • Places they have visited before.
  • Places that are on their lists.
  • Places based on the time of day.
  • Places in relevance to the neighbor they are in.
  • Places they have liked or marked as a favorite.
  • Places their friends have checked in at or endorsed.

This type of personalization will ensure that the offers are shown to members who would be genuinely interested in them and therefore have excellent targeting and acquisition potential.

To view more examples of partners already participating in promoted promotions on Foursquare, check out these Foursquare business pages:

Otto Las Vegas
B&B Ristorante
Best Buy
Dave & Buster’s
Old Navy
Starwood Preferred Guest,The Standard Miami

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