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December 21 2016

Content Curation Ideas for Your Social Channels


Coming up with content for your social media channels can be a challenge. You don’t want to post just for posting sake but rather post informative news about your company or industry, or share content that will engage and entertain your audience. Following are a few ideas to help inspire you.

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December 15 2015

Social Media Strategy for Total Web Presence Management


When reviewing a company’s social media strategy, marketers far too often focus only on what occurs in a platform like Facebook, rather than the entire digital ecosystem. For example, attention is often paid to the engagement that a company receives in the form of comments and shares within Facebook. However, companies rarely focus on how their social media team can work with the SEO team to ensure maximum visibility. The digital marketing ecosystem continues to become more and more interconnected – such as with Tweets being returned in Google search results – increasing the importance of collaboration across teams.Read More

July 7 2015

Tagging Links to Track Your Various Social Efforts


Many clients ask why they should bother tagging their social media marketing links when Google Analytics “buckets” traffic from the social source. The answer is: you likely have a lot of different sources of traffic coming to you via the social channels – it’s helpful to segment to see which of your traffic is a result of your paid and social efforts, and which is the result of an “organic” share.

Here’s a breakdown of these different traffic sources:Read More

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