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August 17 2016

Tips for Instagram Stories


Instagram announced last week they are rolling out “Stories” in what seems to be an effort to keep up with SnapChat in the social landscape. Instagram Stories will now let you share highlights of your day with your followers. Like SnapChat, you can record a video or take a picture equipped with filters and a text overlay if you wish to customize your post. Your Instagram Stories will be available for your audience to see for 24 hours and then they will disappear permanently. When you log-in to Instagram you will notice your followers Stories at the top of your newsfeed, prominently displayed by their default profile picture.

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March 24 2016

Instagram, the Popular Image-Sharing Platform, Adds Algorithm-Based Personalized Feed


Instagram recently announced that they will be introducing an algorithm to the platform. The fast-growing photo sharing app has quickly surpassed 400 million monthly average users. However, the company claims that the average user misses up to 70% of the content shared by those they follow.

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February 17 2015

Marketing on Instagram: Building a Following Through Strategy & Authenticity


Instagram – the hugely popular photo-sharing network – is a boon for selfie-obsessed shareaholics. But it can be perplexing for marketers, who see Instagram’s huge numbers and want to get a piece of the action – if only they could figure out how. The challenge is that Instagram’s users are savvier than others. Many of them are early-adopters who are awash in advertisements and are totally over ads disguised as social content. So, how’s a marketer to adapt? Through two seemingly unrelated concepts – strategy and authenticity. In this post, we’ll share some tips for using Instagram for marketing.Read More

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