What NOT to do with Your Social Media Channels

For better or for worse, most companies have added social media into their overall marketing strategy at this point. For better, meaning they got started and are now actively engaging with their community of likes (on Facebook) , followers (on Twitter) and connections (on LinkedIn). For worse, meaning they dove into the pool without even knowing how to doggy paddle, without first testing the water temperature and without a plan. A bad combination if you ask me. Now they are barely (if at all) staying active.

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to begin Social Media without a strategy. Below are a few things you should NOT do with your Social Media channels.

If done correctly, Social Media can be a highly rewarding addition to your overall marketing plan. If done incorrectly, the ramifications can potentially be damaging. Be smart and take the time to do it right and maintain an active, engaging social media existence

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