Looking outside our walls to help you bring business in.


Looking outside our walls to help you bring business in.

The world of Online Marketing evolves constantly, making it crucial for us to stay informed. But following our industry closely isn’t just our job responsibility. It’s our commitment to providing you with recommendations based on today’s information. As a result, MoreVisibility has aligned with like-minded influencers – from Google to Microsoft to LinkedIn and more – all in an effort to be an Online Marketing agency that you can rely on.

Here are some of the industry partnerships and certifications that help us stay on top of our game (and yours).

  • Premier Google Partner

    Premier Google Partner

    Certified as a Premier Partner for Google Ads. This designation is only granted to companies meeting rigorous Google standards in expertise across their advertising platforms. MoreVisibility was one of the first companies to achieve this designation.

  • Google Marketing Platform Partner Google Marketing Platform Partner

    Google Marketing Platform Partner

    MoreVisibility is one of a select few companies to be named a Google Marketing Platform Partner, including certifications in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio, and Optimize. The “Marketing Platform” Partnership combines and encompasses Google Analytics Certified Partners and DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partners, and includes resources across all of the products on the platform.

    • Google Analytics Product Certification – MoreVisibility has been Google Analytics certified for over 10 years. Our service programs for Google Analytics range from tracking Audits and Strategy, to ongoing data intelligence, consultation and support, custom reporting, data integration, and live and virtual training. Accurate and comprehensive data is the engine that drives all Digital Marketing and our work leveraging Google’s suite of data tools increases clients’ ROI and ROAS.
    • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Product Certification – MoreVisibility was one of the first companies to be recognized by Google as a Tag Manager Specialist. We have continued to lead the way with a wide-range of advanced GTM solutions.
    • Google Data Studio Product Certification – Data Studio is a cutting-edge web-based visualization tool that allows us to combine design and data to identify insights, save time by automating complex reporting processes, and tell the Digital Marketing story in easy-to-consume and highly useful formats.
    • Google Optimize Product Certification – MoreVisibility was one of the first certified partners for Google’s AB / Multivariate (MVT) testing tool. This revolutionary platform allows almost unlimited flexibility, power and scalability for UX / UI testing and personalization.
  • Google 5pecialist Certification

    Google 5pecialist Certification

    Achieving the Google 5pecialist Certification indicates superior proficiency in all five areas of Google’s Ads platform – search, display, mobile, video and Google shopping. Having this accolade signals knowledge of ecommerce, mobile strategies, brand engagement, and KPIs and metrics beyond clicks and impressions.

    • Google Search

      Google Search

      This certification demonstrates advanced concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing Search campaigns in Google Ads.

    • Google Display

      Google Display

      This certification confirms innovative ideas and best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing Display campaigns in Google Ads are implemented.

    • Video Advertising

      Video Advertising

      This certification affirms a cutting-edge approach for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing video campaigns across YouTube and the web.

    • Shopping Advertising

      Shopping Advertising

      This certification acknowledges use of the latest concepts, including creating a Merchant Center account and product data feed, and creating and managing Shopping campaigns

    • Mobile Advertising

      Mobile Advertising

      This certification encompasses progressive concepts of mobile advertising, including ad formats, bidding and targeting and campaign measurements and optimization.

  • Microsoft Advertising Partner

    Microsoft Advertising Partner

    MoreVisibility has been named a Microsoft Advertising Partner, and is qualified and recognized for its outstanding expertise to meet your campaign needs in Microsoft’s Search Network.

  • CallTrackingMetrics Agency Partner

    CallTrackingMetrics Agency Partner

    We are CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) utilizing the software to drive and report on successful client campaigns.

  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional

    Facebook Certified Buying Professional

    The Facebook Certified Buying Professional credential is awarded to digital advertising professionals who are proficient in planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns. MoreVisibility works with diverse clients targeting a wide-range of audiences and campaign goals in Facebook and Instagram. Our team of Facebook Certified Buying professionals follows 100% best practices approach and leverages innovative tools in Facebook and Instagram to produce ROI positive campaigns for both B2B and B2C clients.

  • Conductor Searchlight MVP Certification

    Conductor Searchlight MVP Certification

    MoreVisibility’s entire Natural Search team has achieved MVP Searchlight Certification. This certification covers all of the Searchlight platform basics. Successful completion demonstrates proficiency in the platform.

  • Conductor Searchlight Legend Certification

    Conductor Searchlight Legend Certification

    The Legend certification exam is only available to attendees at Conductor’s C3 Conference. It includes both a written exam and a verbal exam where candidates were given different business scenarios to test their critical thinking skills and proficiency in the Searchlight platform. Having this certification is a rare differentiator within the SEO industry.

  • Searchie Award for Agency Partner Excellence

    Searchie Award for Agency Partner Excellence

    MoreVisibility won the Searchie Award for Agency Partner Excellence at Conductor’s C3 Conference in New York City. This award is given to an agency who has been an excellent partner to Conductor both on and off the platform. The winning agency uses Searchlight skillfully and often to come up with remarkable digital solutions for their clients.

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