Digital Marketing Summit with Google & MoreVisibility in NYC

MoreVisibility is pleased to announce that our next Digital Marketing summit will be hosted at Google’s Chelsea office in New York City in December 2019. The event, entitled Google Tools for Targeting Intent: Leveraging AI & Audience Signals, will share the latest tools and techniques to zero-in on your target audience through behavior and intent signals.

“Meeting with clients and prospective clients at Google’s office is always a great experience. Not only do we get to share cutting edge insights, but it’s a wonderful collaborative learning environment in an awesome setting” noted company President, Andrew Wetzler.

To succeed online, a brand needs to leverage the most sophisticated options and predictive tools within Google to meet users’ needs early and often – including before they even begin to search.

During this innovative Panel Discussion and Happy Hour, Google & MoreVisibility experts will explore:

  • How Machine Learning is creating audience targeting opportunities across Google’s platform
  • Insights on how intent-based marketing can affect the sales funnel
  • Strategic guidance on implementing campaigns
  • Ways to leverage Google Ads to Market for Intent
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • And more

We invite you to join MoreVisibility and Google experts for an enlightening panel discussion and Networking Happy Hour. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn straight from Google experts.

Seating is limited – please contact us if you are interested in details and to see if space is still available.

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