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December 16 2015

Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates by Examining Cart Abandonment & Conversion Flow


With the holiday season around the corner we wanted to talk about the different ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rates, specifically centered on shopping cart abandonment and the conversion flow process. Initial questions to ask are:

  • How intuitive is the user flow?
  • Is there a clear prompt directing the user to the next step?
  • Is your checkout process optimized for mobile users?

You want the checkout process to be as streamlined as possible and to make sure there is no part of it which is broken. It never hurts to routinely go through the process from the user’s perspective in order to understand what they are experiencing and make sure everything is functioning as intended.Read More

August 26 2015

YouTube moves from Flash


In 2015 YouTube has dumped flash video in favor of HTML5, Facebook’s head of security has expressed the need for an end-of-life date for flash, and there were three critical vulnerabilities discovered in June alone. While users may never be rid of Flash in totality, these recent issues indicate a downward trend in popularity.Read More

January 10 2012

Google Releases Googlebot-Mobile: Part I


Google announced an update to Googlebot-Mobile on Thursday, December 15 in a post titled, Introducing smartphone Googlebot-Mobile. This post let the community know that Googlebot-Mobile now crawls with a Smartphone user-agent in addition to the Feature phones user-agent. As time goes on, more eyes — and fingers — turn to mobile search. Does your business have a plan on how to best optimize your online presence whether a visitors views by laptop, desktop, or hand-held device? Do you have a plan in place specifically for those searching and browsing on Smartphones?

Michael Martin recently wrote a post for Search Engine Land titled, SEO Considerations For Google Mobile Search In 2012 that gives a few tips for preparing and reacting to mobile search changes. These tips include enabling user-agent detection, keeping an eye on load time and user experience, using semantic coding with microformats, and coding with HTML5 and jQuery. Google has already made it clear that they are pushing improvements for mobile reporting and mobile search user experience in a blog post entitled, A look back at 2011 on the Google Mobile Ads Blog. This post gave some detailed statistics for mobile trends in 2011 that are shaping mobile advancements slated for 2012.

If you are interested in discussing how mobile search and mobile visitors can impact your business, please contact us. If you are interested in learning more about how MoreVisibility can help develop a mobile version of your website, please visit our Mobile Website Design Services Page.

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