Analytics Account Change History Update

Tony Villanova - October 28, 2020

Recently Google rolled out an update to the Change History section that can be found under the Account column in your Admin area.

The changes aren’t just to the look and feel of the interface, but also include many new features that allow you to be quite granular with exactly what changes were made.

Starting at the top you are able to select the Date Range (Last 7 days to 2+ Years) as well as the location (Account or Property) that changes were made in. Previously all changes were stored together and you would have had to filter them through a search bar in-order to find what you were looking for. These filters are now prominent and easy to use.

The Change history section now has 6 columns that show you detailed information about time, the location that was changed, the name of it, item type, action, and the email address of who made the changes.

Upon clicking on a history entry, it will expand to provide you with detail about the change(s). The Quick View section shows you the Item that was changed as well as what it was before and then after. If it is an addition to the Account or Property the “Before” column will be empty.

Under the Quick View section there is a Full Changes section that shows you what types of coding changes were done. This section is a carry-over from the Firebase interface where it will show you the changes to the code that were made. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the new updates rolling out since this will be useful when using a Google Analytics 4 Property.

Stay tuned to the MoreVisibility Analytics Blog for more feature and interface updates as they roll out from Google.

Happy Analyzing!

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