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March 8 2016

Save Some Time with Google Analytics Keyboard Shortcuts


In this blog post we will cover a topic that everyone is interested in: saving time! Keyboard shortcuts help save time when you are frequently toggling between two different tabs, functions, tools etc. For example, in Photoshop, rather than dragging your mouse ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SCREEN (phew how exhausting) to change from “paintbrush” to a “color selector” tool, you can instead use a keystroke and switch to your color selector instantly.

While many computer programs and applications offer keyboard shortcuts, it has come to my attention that not many people are aware that there are some useful shortcuts available in the Google Analytics (GA) interface. There are several shortcuts that can be used in GA to access different reports, adjust the date range, toggle the help menu, and more. In this blog post, the keyboard shortcuts that are currently available in Google Analytics are divided into two sections: Application shortcuts and Date Range shortcuts.Read More

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January 14 2016

Google Analytics Releases ‘Smart Goals’


On December 17, 2015 Google Analytics (GA) fully rolled out a new tool known as “Smart Goals.” Smart Goals were created with the intention of leveraging the data available in your Google Analytics account to improve your AdWords’ campaigns.

For those of us who do not currently have conversion goals set up, Smart Goals are a way to measure your websites “top visits” and use those as a conversion. In this post we discuss WHAT Smart Goals are, HOW they work, and WHEN you should be using them.Read More

December 16 2015

Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates by Examining Cart Abandonment & Conversion Flow


With the holiday season around the corner we wanted to talk about the different ways to increase your ecommerce conversion rates, specifically centered on shopping cart abandonment and the conversion flow process. Initial questions to ask are:

  • How intuitive is the user flow?
  • Is there a clear prompt directing the user to the next step?
  • Is your checkout process optimized for mobile users?

You want the checkout process to be as streamlined as possible and to make sure there is no part of it which is broken. It never hurts to routinely go through the process from the user’s perspective in order to understand what they are experiencing and make sure everything is functioning as intended.Read More

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