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June 10 2015

How to Connect Your AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts – And Why You Should


AdWords and Google Analytics… two great tools that, like chocolate and peanut butter, are supremely better together. When you link your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, you are able to get almost omniscient power over your marketing data – not only can you see how your ads are performing from a click basis (AdWords territory), but what is going on once a user leaves the AdWords environment and enters Google Analytics territory (aka your website). This data can help you to improve both your ads and your website, which can, if done correctly, lead to higher conversions.Read More

April 22 2015

How Important Is Mobile to Your Business? Check Your Mobile Usage Analytics


There’s no denying that mobile-friendliness is an important aspect of usability, and now rankability. But, for a variety of reasons, many businesses remain on the fence when it comes to investing in mobile. This could be because they don’t know how to go mobile, or they don’t have the budget to invest in creating a user-friendly mobile experience.

Whatever the reason, if you’re going to abstain from mobile, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you’re leaving on the table. Luckily, there’s an easy way to see whether mobile is important to your business right in Google Analytics.Read More

March 25 2015

Using Automated Alerts in GA


Let’s face it – you’re probably too busy to keep a close enough eye on your Google Analytics accounts. But just because you’re too busy to put “eyes on” your data doesn’t mean that intelligence events aren’t happening. This is why you should be making use of automated alerts in Google Analytics.

The automated alerts function in Google Analytics enables you to create conditions to be notified of specific intelligence events – say, a spike in traffic or a huge drop in conversions. Knowledge of these events can help you take control of a situation – be it an opportunity (incentivizing your extra traffic toward conversion) or a problem (a broken link or “leaky” conversion funnel).

In this post, we’ll walk you though setting up automated alerts.Read More

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