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October 30 2017

Dimensions – Building Blocks of Your Reports


With all of the data that Google Analytics (GA) collects, it can be very overwhelming to sort through the information in front of you. One way to make your reports easier to understand or get the information you’re looking for is by utilizing Dimensions. Dimensions allow you to delve into your data by parsing out the information you would like to see.

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June 29 2017

What’s new with REGEX in Data Studio


Regular Expressions (also known as Regex in Google Analytics and Tag Manager) can help save time and include/ exclude data from your reports.

Regex is now supported in Google Data Studio. However, there are few changes to Regex that classifies it as RE2. RE2 was designed to be faster and more secure.

In this post I will provide you with a few Regex examples that we have created for Google Data Studio and a few differences we have noticed when compared to regular Regex.

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