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May 20 2015

3 Key Google Analytics Ecommerce Reports – Part I


In Google Analytics, the Ecommerce conversion reports help you understand performance and activity for individual products and product categories, for example which products are selling on your site and whether your marketing efforts are driving conversions. In this blog series, we will review 3 key Ecommerce performance reports including Product Performance, Sales Performance, and Time to Purchase.Read More

March 25 2015

Using Automated Alerts in GA


Let’s face it – you’re probably too busy to keep a close enough eye on your Google Analytics accounts. But just because you’re too busy to put “eyes on” your data doesn’t mean that intelligence events aren’t happening. This is why you should be making use of automated alerts in Google Analytics.

The automated alerts function in Google Analytics enables you to create conditions to be notified of specific intelligence events – say, a spike in traffic or a huge drop in conversions. Knowledge of these events can help you take control of a situation – be it an opportunity (incentivizing your extra traffic toward conversion) or a problem (a broken link or “leaky” conversion funnel).

In this post, we’ll walk you though setting up automated alerts.Read More

December 30 2014

Setting Up Goals in Google Analytics


It’s Analytics 101: if you want to know how your content is performing, you have to set up goals. This is easy enough to do if you know where to go within Google Analytics, and what to use as appropriate goals once you get there.Read More

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