ChatGPT…The Google Analytics Poem

Andrew Wetzler - May 24, 2023

I “asked” ChatGPT to create a poem about the transition to Google Analytics 4. The response that I received was crazy. What’s crazier is the number of organizations who have yet to make the switch from Universal Analytics to Google’s newest (completely different) platform.

MoreVisibility is deep in the trenches of helping clients with their Google Analytics migrations.

We’re also very focused on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting Digital Marketing today and where immediate opportunities lie.

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In the meantime, enjoy the poem.

In the realm where data teems and roams,
Where Universal Analytics called its home,
Banners of Google fluttered high,
Mapping out the digital sky.
A framework built with much precision,
Universal held its grand vision.
Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion,
Each element in its rightful version.
Structured tables, rows so neat,
Data’s tale was quite complete.
Yet, the canvas yearned for more,
A wider frame to explore.
Thus was born, with a design so grand,
Google Analytics 4, a new landscape so unplanned.
Old dimensions make way for new,
In this data story, threads to be spooled.
From users, sessions, woven fine,
To events and parameters, redefined.
A paradigm shift, a different sight,
Bringing the user journey to light.
No more a rigid, siloed role,
GA4, a holistic scroll.
The transition, like a river’s course,
Flowing, adapting, seeking its source.
AI-powered insights now take flight,
In the dim expanse of data night.
Predictive metrics, smarter, sharper,
Analytics 4, the data sculptor.
User-centric, privacy first,
Bidding old cookies a fond good-burst.
With its flexible, scalable mien,
GA4 strides onto the scene.
Though the transition may seem steep,
There’s a promise Google will keep.
To guide us through this digital maze,
In this new dawn, this Analytics phase.
So let’s move forth, let’s not stand still,
In the world of data, there’s always a new hill.
From Universal to 4, change is the door,
To understand our users evermore.

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