Connecting GA4 to your existing Universal Analytics Property

Tony Villanova - February 2, 2021

Recently, you may have received an email about connecting your new GA4 Property to your Universal Analytics Property.

If you have already created a GA4 property most of the current benefits you will likely have enabled yourself already. However, as additional features continue to roll out for GA4 it is important that you link the two Properties so that you can take advantage of the new features as they become available.

The current benefits of connecting the two Properties is the sharing of settings such as Collection Settings, Property Settings, Linking, Audiences, Conversions, and User Management. This is a great time saver since it allows you to apply your configuration choices that you currently have in your Universal Analytics Property as well as give Users access to the GA4 property that already have access to your Universal Analytics Property.

Once you have created your Google Analytics 4 Property and deployed its tracking to you website you will go to the Universal Analytics Property column located in the Admin section of your Analytics Account you will see “GA4 Setup Assistant” at the top of the column.

Within the GA4 Setup Assistant you will see the second item is “I want to connect an existing Google Analytics 4 Property”. Click on the drop-down menu and select your GA4 Property and click “Connect Properties”.

You have now successfully connected your Universal Analytics Property to your GA4 Property!

Stay tuned to the MoreVisibility Google Analytics Blog for future GA4 updates.

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