Create Shortcuts to See Your Wanted Data, Sooner

Anne Garcia - October 17, 2012

Google Analytics recently released Shortcuts to help you access your saved data reports more efficiently. Want to see a particular report with specific secondary dimensions for a set of campaigns? Instead of navigating to the Campaign report, adding said secondary dimensions and then layering the report with advanced filters, you can create the report once and save it as a Shortcut, so that it’s easily accessible every time you log into the Home tab of Google Analytics.

Once you’ve created your desired report and have customized it to your liking, select the Shortcut button in your utility bar. See screenshot below for Shortcut link.

A new window will appear prompting you to save your recently created Shortcut.

As soon as you save the Shortcut, you’ll be able to access it via the “Shortcuts” section in the Home tab. You can easily change the date range of your saved Shortcut to be able to look at data for different time periods.

Your saved Shortcuts can be emailed and exported, or even added to your Dashboard. Shortcuts are only applied at the profile level and must be reproduced to be viewed in other profiles you have access to.

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