Data Blending Now Available in Google Data Studio

Tony Villanova - September 5, 2018

Google Data Studio allows you to beautifully visualize your data in charts, but only from a single source, until now. Google has released a Data Blending Beta for Data Studio which allows you to create blended charts within your dashboards from multiple data sources. This is very helpful when you want to gain additional insights from your data and need to combine multiple sources to analyze and visualize data side-by-side. This will save time from having to manipulate your data from another source in-order to input it into Data Studio.

You can have up to 5 total blended data sources joined in a chart, but each of those data sources must share one or more common dimensions which Google refers to as a “join key” or “key” for short. You can blend your data using multiple dimensions (keys) however each data source must have the same keys to blend.

You can also blend a data source with itself. This can be helpful in cases where you need to see multiple filtered metrics, but due to limitations in Analytics are only able to see one at a time. Data Blending a source with itself will allow you to do just that.

Need to remove a blended data source? It’s simple, just go to the Resources menu and then to Manage Blended Data. Keep in mind any charts which rely on that data source will cause it to break once removed.

Keep checking back to our Analytics Blog as new features for Data Blending will continue to roll out as this beta progresses. For a free consultation please fill out our form here.

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