What is Enhanced Ecommerce & How Do I Enable It?

Tony Villanova - July 1, 2014

Enhanced Ecommerce offers a more in-depth look at your visitors’ shopping experience and is exclusively available in Universal Analytics, a new version of analytics that was launched last year by Google.

With Enhanced Ecommerce, you’ll be able to see more than just the product impressions that were previously available with standard Ecommerce Coding. You can now gain valuable insights about how your shoppers got into the shopping funnel, understand which products are viewed the most, which ones are added to carts or removed, and which ones convert the best.

With Enhanced Ecommerce, you can also track and analyze your internal promotions to see how they are impacting sales, which will allow you to immediately tweak and fine-tune your marketing efforts based on how they are doing. Some promotions may be doing so well that you may want to send out an email blast to drive further sales. Other may not be working for your visitors and you can adjust your promotion accordingly or take it down. By measuring and adjusting your internal promotions when necessary, you can help to achieve greater ROI.

There are several coding changes that must be made in order to start using Enhanced Ecommerce. Once the proper coding is in place, enabling Enhanced Ecommerce in your Google Analytics account is simple. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions to enable it in the Google Analytics interface.

Happy analyzing!

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