Facebook Analytics Is Being Removed

Tony Villanova - June 14, 2021

As of June 30, 2021 Facebook Analytics will be no longer. What are you losing, and will you be able to check on your page data in the future?

Facebook Analytics provides reports about your website, mobile app, and your Facebook or Instagram profile if applicable. These reports as well as any custom reports you created in the interface are being removed.

Facebook Analytics is retiring as part of an initiative to consolidate business tools. Even though it is going away, there are still additional tools within the Facebook platform that can be utilized to help you understand your activities or advertising efforts on both Facebook and Instagram.

Additional tools that are available like Facebook Business Suite can provide you with detailed insights about your audience, content, and trends but it may not be available to everyone at the moment. Ads Manager will still allow you to view, edit, and see the results of your ad campaigns and Events Manager can provide you with pixel data and conversion information about actions that have taken place on your website or in a physical location. The Insights section of your Facebook and Instagram profiles will remain after Facebook Analytics is removed, so you will still have that data to delve into as well.

One important reminder is that until June 30, 2021 you still have the ability to export/ download your data before it is removed from the Facebook Analytics platform. This data can be exported by clicking the arrow in the top right corner of each chart or table in the Facebook Analytics platform.

At MoreVisibility we have a proprietary reporting platform that will collect your Facebook/ Instagram campaign data and provided it to you in real-time. To see how MoreVisibility can help with your advertising campaigns or Google Analytics please reach out to us at 561-620-9682 or fill out our Contact Form here: https://www.morevisibility.com/contact-us/

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