Google Analytics 360 Announcement

Jason Brewster - March 15, 2016

Today Google announced the biggest news since the inception of its paid analytics service, “Google Analytics Premium.” This shows that Google is going to be kicking it up a notch with its enterprise-level service offerings and promises to reveal many exciting new features upon release.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite will include the below components:

Google Analytics 360 – The new name for Google Analytics Premium, this product will remain as the centerpiece of the Google Analytics Services team.

Google Analytics 360


Google Tag Manager 360 – The new premium level of Google Tag Manager possesses service-level agreements in addition to other expanded technical abilities that will work with the other new platforms.

Google Tag Manager 360

Google Optimize 360 (beta) – This is a testing and personalization platform that will far outstrip the now little supported content experiments.

Google Optimize 360

Google Attribution 360 – This is the new version of the Adometry tools acquired by Google. This will unify digital and TV data to allow data-driven attribution, marketing mix modeling, and TV attribution.

Google Attribution 360 features


Google Audience Center 360 (beta) – This data management platform will help marketers understand their customers and acquire more across channels, devices and campaigns. Native integrations with DoubleClick and third party data enable for more audience insight.

Google Audience Center 360

Google Data Studio 360 (beta) – Google has recognized the need to have more powerful dashboarding software to empower marketers and analysts to share their findings in an easy-to-use fashion. Google Data Studio 360 uses CSVs, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, and other sources to produce simple, beautiful visualizations.

Google Data Center 360


To learn more about the service and offerings visit the official 360 Suite page.



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