Google Analytics Global Tag: Pros and Cons

Khrysti Nazzaro - May 31, 2018

The Google Analytics Global Tag (GTAG.js) is a newer means of coding a website for Google Analytics data collection. As an added bonus, the tag seamlessly allows for both tracking AdWords and Google Analytics in one simple tag.

That said, it does have some limitations. As a paired down version of Google Tag Manager coding, the Global Tag doesn’t allow for some of the Universal Analytics customizations that many brands may already be using to collect more robust and meaningful data (such as Client IDs). In addition, the Global Tag doesn’t allow for tracking of any other pixels, such as those from non-Google platforms like Facebook advertising tracking pixels, or tags from other ad networks. On the other hand, Google Tag Manager, allows for tracking of any platform’s or network’s pixels, not just Google-specific products.

Theo Bennett, MoreVisibility’s Analytics Evangelist, dissects the pros and cons of the Google Analytics Global Tag further in this video:

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