Google Analytics Intelligence Is Here To Save The Day

Tony Villanova - August 31, 2017

Have a question for Google Analytics? Just ask!

Google has just released a new feature in Analytics. If you know what data you need you just have to click on the Intelligence Icon and ask.

Screenshot of where to locate the Intelligence icon in GA.


The new feature uses the same language processing technology and machine learning available across Google products like Android and Search.

Available on Desktop and the Google Analytics mobile application, Analytics Intelligence empowers those who aren’t familiar with Analytics to and make use of their business data easily.

Analytics Intelligence is currently rolling out and will become available in English to all Google Analytics users over the coming weeks.

Screenshot of Intelligence drop down menu


Ask a simple question and get an answer, it’s that easy. Some of the questions that we’ve tried include:

  • How many users did we have last week?
  • Compare bounce rate on mobile vs desktop
  • What day this month had the most traffic?
  • What is the top source medium?
  • Which browsers are most popular?

Try them for yourself and gain the insight into your data and Analytics with Intelligence!

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