Google Analytics’ Java Support report: Part II

Melanie Wahl - April 2, 2012

Our previous post touched upon the importance of the Java Support report, located under the Browser & OS report (Standard Reporting > Audience > Technology > Browser & OS, with Java Support dimension from the Other drop-down under Primary Dimension and the Data display type). We also promised to answer two main questions website owners have after seeing that visitors with Java support often have three times as many conversions as those who do not:

  1. How much of your traffic does not support Java?
  2. How can we calculate the potential amount of revenue being lost due to Java?

Question 1: How much of your traffic does not support Java?

For the following example, there were 141,706 visits during the one year date range, of which 31,260 (approximately 22%) did not support Java. That means that approximately one out of every five visitors to the website had trouble viewing some parts of the webpages.

Question 2: How can we calculate the potential amount of revenue being lost due to Java?

Keeping with the same example, let us calculate how much revenue is being left “on the table” due to there not being a version of the website to serve to visitors who do not support Java.

First, a basic formula:

Second, the numbers from our example:

In this scenario, there was potential for nearly $90,000 more in revenue if the visitors who did not support Java were converted at the Conversion Ratio and Average Order Value of Java Supporters.

Carefully testing your pages, especially those in the funnel, who are currently served with Java in scenarios where Java is disabled can help your web team and marketing team identify possible areas to test and tweak over time. Additionally, you may consider serving different pages that are coded without Java to visitors depending on whether they support Java.

Revisiting this report after implementing webpage changes or multiple served versions can help you gauge the success of your efforts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact MoreVisibility if you need help understanding reports in Google Analytics or if you need a full website analytics audit.

PS: Another way to consider the data is that in total there were 141,706 Visits, that break down to $427,197.85 in Revenue from 110,446 Java Supported Visits and $36,780.17 Revenue from 31,260 Visits. There were 951 Java Supported Transactions and 71 Non-supported Transactions. If the 31,260 Non-supported Visits were to convert at a Java Supported Ecommerce Conversion Rate of 0.86% there would have been 268 Conversions/Transactions instead of 71. If the incremental Transactions (268-71=197) have an Average Value of $449.21 as the Java Supported ones do, the total potential increase in Revenue during this time period would have been 197 x $449.21 = $88,494.37 (some variation since you can’t have part of a transaction and there is some rounding). So approximately $90,000 was lost potential.

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