Google Analytics Premium Gets Interactive with BigQuery Integration

Jocelyn Ward - May 20, 2013

Google Analytics Premium customers smiled a little brighter yesterday after one specific announcement was made at the Google I/O. An additional feature, Google BigQuery, is planned to become available to Google Analytics Premium users later this year.

Talk about a game changer. This goes far beyond just Web Analytics and opens the doors to a tremendous scope of opportunities. But, the basics are just amazing enough to make me anxiously call out a couple of them.

Access and query your Google Analytics data alongside and in combination with any of the other data sets your company derives for its business intelligence needs; all in a matter of seconds. I’m talking about trillions of rows of data right at your fingertips. Really, you can export the data, print it out and touch it if you’d like.

As if Web Analytics data isn’t multifaceted enough, there is an abundance of other data sets companies collect that are just as intricate and essential to running their businesses. With more and more organizations aware of the “big data” phenomenon, key stakeholders are starting to ask more complex questions and are leaning on their analysts for the insights to make better-informed business decisions. And they should.

This exercise can be daunting; exhausting; frustrating and sometimes near impossible. And, chances are most time is spent trying to query, join, and report on the correct data which means less time for true analysis to provide actionable recommendations to decision-makers.

The Google Analytics Premium and BigQuery integration is planned to ease these pains. It will provide granular data access for you to:

  • Join and cross-tabulate multiple data sources
  • Understand complex queries
  • Create detailed custom analyses
  • Identify what’s really going to drive and improve the bottom line

With so many possibilities, you can get lost in exploring them all. But, before you meander off on your own, make sure you get back to the boss on that request from…

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