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August 14 2014

How Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Work Together to Make Your Life Easier


There seems to be some confusion between Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. In this post, I will discuss what Google Tag Manager is and what role it plays in Google Analytics.Read More

August 6 2014

Is Your Data Actionable? Learn How to Get the Most from Google Analytics Keyword Reports


Google Analytics Keywords reports provide great insights into how your keywords are performing (Not Provided is the exception).

That said, keywords are shown in aggregate across engines.  This makes it difficult to see opportunities to make tweaks in your SEM campaigns in the individual engines. This is because all keywords do not work exactly the same in each engine. That’s why you dive deeper into your keywords report and look at each source of traffic at a time or add a secondary dimension to compare, for example, Bing and Google.

Well why not look at the effectiveness of each keyword cross engine in one report – without drilling down– by simply using a pivot table?Read More

July 23 2014

Site Search Metrics: Using Secondary Dimensions to Understand User Need


Site Search is one of the most common components of a site and is used by visitors that actually want to engage with you.  Let’s face it, if a visitor is using site search, they are interested in your product or service.  If they weren’t interested, would they have bothered to search?

By adding additional metrics to your site search reports, you can better understand your user – and where your navigation might be falling short.

Read More

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