Google Data Studio Vs. Google Dashboards

Tony Villanova - May 31, 2017

When creating a dashboard within Google Analytics you have the option of adding widgets and graphs to visualize your data. Although dashboards in Google Analytics can be very helpful, they don’t always render with as much excitement as in Google Data Studio.

First, notice how visually appealing your reports can be with Sample Templates. Google allows you to use some of their own templates to give you a starting point and it only gets more fun from there. Every aspect of your report is fully customizable in Google Data Studio. From adding filters, segments, & metrics, to changing colors for your borders, fonts, and backgrounds Google Data Studio will give your reports the visual appeal your data has been longing for.

Another great aspect of Google Data Studio versus the Google Dashboards (native in Google Analytics) is that you can print your reports just as you see them on one page! Google dashboards tend to breakup your widgets and graphs when printing.

With Google Data Studio you are able to import from many different places such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Search Console, and others. Although still fairly new, Google has been releasing updates multiple times a month. If you’ve been looking for something to tell your data’s story in a more appealing way, sign-up for Google Data Studio and start customizing your reports today!

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