GTM Element Visibility Triggers – Understanding Promotion Visibility

Jason Brewster - February 22, 2018

The majority of events that are deployed on a website are focused around a user clicking on an element, submitting a form, or scrolling to a certain point on a page. With the constant evolution of Google Tag Manager it has become possible to track when a user has viewed a specific element on the page.

In the old days, if a promotional asset existed below the fold, you would only be able to track it by measuring the users that clicked on the element. With the new element visibility trigger we can now understand which users were presented with the entire experience before clicking through it. This means that click through rates on your promotions will be more accurate. Instead of calculating the number of pageviews divided by the number of clicks for a custom promotional click through rate, it is possible to calculate the click through rate of people that have had a true impression.

Below is a screen shot of the new “Element Visibility Trigger”:

At MoreVisibility we are very proud of our various certifications, the above trigger identifies when someone has viewed the badges we display on our homepage for three seconds. This data can be used to determine the optimal placement of future badges. In addition, this level of tracking is very powerful when used in conjunction with the free to use Google Optimize AB testing product.

Element visibility will be a big part of how data focused companies measure the impact of their on-site promotional messaging, AB testing and UX. In addition we expect these features to become more refined and expanded as Google Tag Manager continues to develop.

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