Inpage Analytics: Analyzing Clicks to See How Users Navigate Your Site

Lauren Owens - September 30, 2014

There’s a little-known tool in Google Analytics that enables you to see precisely where users are clicking within your website. It’s called Inpage Analytics and it can help you determine how users are flowing through the content funnel. By looking at Inpage Analytics, you can gain a better understanding of which tools / elements are leading to conversions and which may be distracting your user from converting.

Accessing the “Inpage” View

To access Inpage Analytics, login to Google Analytics, click on Behavior and click into Inpage Analytics.

inpage analytics

From there, Google Analytics will generate the Inpage view, opening your URL in a new tab with overlaid click data. Depending on the date range, and data precision you’ve set, this may take several minutes.

Exploring the InPage View

inpage analytics example

The Inpage view enables you to see where users are clicking from any given page on your website. To access click data for deeper-level pages, simply navigate to that page.

inpage analytics example 2

In addition, you can select the Browser Size option in order to determine how much of any given webpage is visible to your users. This is important when optimizing your website for mobile devices, particularly tablets.

inpage analytics example 3

Gaining Insights from Inpage Analytics

By exploring your Inpage Analytics data, you can get a much better understanding of how users are navigating your website. This is important for determining:

  • What content your users are interested in
  • What calls-to-action your users respond to
  • What elements may be distracting your users away from the primary call-to-action, or pulling them out of the content funnel

You can use this information in order to help you determine how to improve:

  • Your website’s navigation
  • Your website’s design and layout
  • Your primary and secondary calls-to-action
  • Your onsite content

For this reason, we often look at Inpage Analytics when performing an onsite content strategy.

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