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MoreVisibility - August 26, 2010

I’m always excited to learn about useful browser extensions, and Google has released a gem for its Chrome browser. The Google Analytics Tracking Code Debugger is an easy to use tool for web developers, internet marketers and analytics junkies. The simple to install Chrome extension will provide one with an easy to use debugging tool to make sure that they have correctly deployed the free Google Analytics code onto their website. Google Analytics is the perfect product for cost conscious businesses to measure and manage their online marketing initiatives like the deep pocket firms using Coremetrics or Omniture. On this blog you will find excellent articles concerning Google Analytics, take a few minutes to explore these, as well as our webinars and white papers.

Once you have installed the extension, you simply turn on and open the Chrome javascript console via Control-Shift-J and you will see “Tracking beacon sent!” this lets you know you have Google Analytics code on the page. The information following will reveal the Google Analytics account id, version and other data helping you to verify a successful deployment of your Google Analytics.

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