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May 19 2016

Goal Tracking in Google Analytics


Goal tracking is a critical aspect of Google Analytics reporting. It moves the analysis from the: “Did we get more traffic?” frame of mind to: “Is the traffic we are getting valuable?” Unfortunately there are several brands that either fail to measure goals, or fail to implement them correctly. Following is a list of some of the common mistakes we see every day.

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October 13 2015

Cohorts vs Funnels – KPI Matchup


Funnels are a longtime staple of web analytics. Ecommerce websites utilize them frequently to great effect. But what should a web property use if they are content providers without a sales funnel?

Introducing Cohorts: User Retention

Cohorts are groups of users identified by a common start date. This form of analysis allows for a more broad understanding of the user journey on your site.Read More

February 9 2015

Tracking Social Media Marketing Efforts in Google Analytics


One of the issues that social media marketers have is showing how their efforts contribute to the bottom line. Luckily, there is an easy way to tell how your overall social media marketing efforts contribute to conversions by using Google Analytics.Read More

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