Neat Google Analytics Features You May Not Have Known About

Tony Villanova - December 20, 2013

When you go into the Google Analytics interface and press Shift ? together, you will see a list of keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate in the Google Analytics interface a lot quicker and no matter what changes or updates the Google Analytics interface goes through, these shortcuts will come in very handy.


Some of our favorites that we use every day are shift a which takes you to your account list. This is extremely helpful when managing multiple Google Analytic accounts. The other Application shortcut we like to use is m, this is helpful when you need to take a screenshot or when you want to see a full screen view of your report.

In addition to the Application shortcuts, the date range shortcuts make setting date ranges or toggling date comparisons a snap. We have listed all of the Google Analytics shortcuts for you below.

? :           Open keyboard shortcut help
h :           Search help center
a :           Open account panel
<Shift> + a :        Go to accounts list
s / :         Search reports
<Shift> + d :        Go to the default dashboard of the current view
m :          Toggle the navigation menu

Date Range
d t :        Set date range to today
d y :        Set date range to yesterday
d w :      Set date range to last week
d m :      Set date range to last month
d c :        Toggle date comparison mode (previous period)
d x :        Toggle date comparison mode (previous year)

This same feature (although different shortcuts) can be used in Google+ and Gmail. No word yet on whether it will be available in Google Tag Manager, but we will update you as soon as we hear, Enjoy!

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