Optimizely Personalization on the Horizon

Jason Brewster - September 1, 2015

The necessity for personalization emerges as a website undergoes rounds of testing that examine the impact of different experiences on different users. It is an exciting time when a brand realizes that revenue is driven by personalization (the ability to target customers based on their individual preferences). Personalization and testing allow marketers to evolve their website into a more effective tool instead of risking time and money to build a one size fits all approach that doesn’t meet the needs and preferences of their customers.

Once a brand realizes the importance of personalization, the need for a platform and a methodology appears. There are several personalization vendors and many of them overlap with testing, these include Optimizely, Qubit and HiConversion.

Optimizely in particular is realizing the importance of enabling users to push the winning experiences that they test with the announcement of Optimizely personalization.

Prior to the announcement of Optimizely Personalization the expected behavior was to create a test, then allocate the traffic from within that test.

traffic allocation

The new tool will allow users to create targets that will persist across multiple running testing campaigns.

Below is a list from the Optimizely blog of some of the new features we can expect:

  • Audiences across all tests
  • New “and-or” logic for the audience UI
  • Targeting features for traffic source and campaign
  • Day/Week parting targets
  • 3rd party integrations with audience services for more intelligent targeting

This emphasis on personalization is a step in the right direction. Websites are getting larger and larger – it is important to ensure that the code going into them is driving the bottom line instead of adding pointless layers of sophistication.

To learn more about the product offerings check out the announcements on the Optimizely blog.

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