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GA Certified PartnerOur web analytics blog provides a space for us to educate our clients and visitors about how they can use analytics to gain insight into user behavior. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Tag Manager Certified Partner, our team is highly versed in Google's products, but our knowledge isn't limited to just those! On this blog, our analytics experts share a diverse variety of tips, tricks and techniques for a wide range of analytics platforms, as well as explore big picture concepts for tracking and measuring online success, and answering some of the questions commonly asked by clients and team members. To stay up to date on everything our analytics blog has to offer, subscribe to our feed.

July 6 2016

What is Sampling and Why Do I See This In My Google Analytics Reports?


Since the standard Google Analytics platform is offered at no cost, Google only offers so much processing power and limits the amount of data that is allowed for each view in a Google Analytics account. If your website has a large amount of sessions, you may notice a yellow box at the top right of the report stating that “this reports is based off of x% of total sessions.”

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June 13 2016

Data Studio – An inside look at Google’s New Data Visualization Tool


The recent announcement of Google Analytics 360 Suite has created quite the buzz in the digital marketing world, and several of the products are not even ready for purchase yet! The product line will aim to satisfy many of the enterprise level needs of the digital marketing world.

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June 3 2016

Upgrading to Google’s Universal Analytics? 3 Things You Need to Know


By now you know that deploying Google Analytics tracking code (GATC) on your site is vital in obtaining insight into user acquisition & behavior, measuring campaign performance, and understanding conversion attribution. But do you know that by deploying the Universal Analytics version of the GATC you’re able to take advantage of more features and obtain better insight? Following are the top 3 questions we receive regarding upgrading to Universal Analytics.Read More

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