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Our web analytics blog provides a space for us to educate our clients and visitors about how they can use analytics to gain insight into user behavior. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and Google Tag Manager Certified Partner, our team is highly versed in Google’s products, but our knowledge isn’t limited to just those! On this blog, our analytics experts share a diverse variety of tips, tricks and techniques for a wide range of analytics platforms, as well as explore big picture concepts for tracking and measuring online success, and answering some of the questions commonly asked by clients and team members. To stay up to date on everything our analytics blog has to offer, subscribe to our feed.

February 2 2021

Connecting GA4 to your existing Universal Analytics Property

by Tony Villanova

Recently, you may have received an email about connecting your new GA4 Property to your Universal Analytics Property.

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October 28 2020

Analytics Account Change History Update

by Tony Villanova

Recently Google rolled out an update to the Change History section that can be found under the Account column in your Admin area.

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October 23 2020

Important Update to Google Tags (for Google Analytics)

by Tony Villanova

You may have noticed that Google sent out an email last week which caused a lot of confusion, because it said to upgrade to the latest tag within Google Analytics. This is going from analytics.js to gtag.js. Part of the reason it caused so much confusion is because obviously you want to make sure that you’re running the latest version of Google Analytics and people were concerned.

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